Our Technology

Our technology is focused on improving the rider experience. Our technology gives riders the convenience of receiving chauffeur information, as well as tracking vehicles from their own mobile device. in addition, we have a 24/7 dispatch team available.


Ride Systems App - Included

Riders will be able to view the live tracker map using the app or a website from a desktop or mobile device.
The cloud based software projects accurate times of arrival, down to the minute, starting from the moment of departure.The software/hardware can also count passengers per pick and drop at each transfer. Real-time, accurate ride reports can be generated as a result.

Additional Features Include:

• Branded URL & App for riders
• In-app vehicle capacity indicator
• Push notifications to mobile devices in case of weather delays
• Ability to add links to important campus info
• Optional automated voice announcements
• Optional display monitors for inside buildings

Ride systems

Automatic Passenger Counting

Ride Systems offers a fully compatible,rugged, automatic passenger counting system that can send real-time counts to administrators based on location and stop. In addition, administrators may view real-time bus capacity counts on the live map as illustrated.

Reporting Capabilities

The Ride Systems passenger counting solution offers robust, user-friendly, ondemand, reporting services that present ridership data in multiple formats (HTML, CSV, Excel, Word, etc.). Managers and administrators can extrapolate and analyze the data they need by route, stop, bus, driver, and date or date range.